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Decorate you Trailer for the Holidays

Happy Holidays! I don't like to decorate until after Thanksgiving, but I do like to prepare for decorating early. One idea I've had for awhile is making a mini trailer park decked out for the holidays.

My Happy Camper Pin Cushion usually sits on my desk. 

I found some snow in the floral section of my craft store. It was ground stone, so basically white sand with a little sparkle. It definitely looks like snow and will stay put in my bowl.

I made a wreath with green wool and red felt. The green was free hand cut with scalloped pinking shears and then I glued little red circles onto it. The bow was tacked on with glue as well. 

I stitched the wreath on instead of glueing it, that way I can take it off after the holidays use my pincushion throughout the year.

Because I like to help a fellow sewer out, I have some extra wool, felt, and ribbon left over from my project. If you purchase a camper kit and need some for decorating your own camper, leave me a message in the box on the order form and I will include some with your order.

Have a great day,


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