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Strawberry Applique Zipper Pouch



Two 6” x 5.25” linen

Two 6” x 1.25” quilting cotton for bottom

Two 6” 6” quilting cotton for lining

One 6” ribbon


Also Needed:

Two 12” ribbons for ring

One 2” ribbon for attaching ring

1” split ring

1” x1” white felt

1 cm yellow wool felt ball

At least 7” zipper

Coordinating Thread


  1. Using the applique pattern , make and sew the strawberry to one of the linen pieces. The width of the linen should be 6”.
  1. Align the right sides of the quilting cotton and the linen and sew along the bottom edge. Do this for both the front and the back of the zipper pouch. Press seams.


  1. On the front side, top stitch the ribbon on top of the seam. Cut a flower shape from the white felt and hand stitch on top of the ribbon. Stitch the wool felt ball onto the center of the flower.

 Note: If you are new to zippers, here's a very detailed post on installing them.

  1. Start with one of the pieces of outer fabric, lace the zipper so that both ends are extended past the edges of the fabric. Flip the zipper over so the teethe are facing the right sides of the fabric. Pin the top edge of the zipper across the top of the fabric.
  1. Align the lining with right sides facing on top of the outer fabric so the zipper is in between the two layers. Pin and sew along the edge.
  1. Flip the fabric so front sides are facing out and away from the zipper. The remaining outer fabric and lining will be pinned to the opposite side of the zipper, just as it was in the previous step. Sew along the edge.
  1. Fold the 2” ribbon in half and insert the split ring. Pin so the ring is facing inward along the left side of the front of the bag, just below the zipper.
  1. Unzip the zipper three quarters of the way. Place the right sides of the outer fabrics together and the right sides of the lining fabrics together. Fold the zipper in half so the teeth are facing the outer fabrics. Pin and sew along the outer edge, leaving a 3” opening at the bottom of the lining for turning.
  1. Clip the corners and the excess zipper ends. Turn the bag right sides out. Hand stitch the opening closed. Push the lining into the bag.

       10. Fold the remaining ribbons in half creating a loop and thread through the ring. Send the ends                through the loop of the ribbons and pull snug to secure.

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