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Wonky Diagonal Stripe Block - Quilt Block Fridays


Hello! Things got a little busy here in the Jangles studio and I completely forgot to post my quilt block Friday post. Todays block is a wonky diagonal block.


 Cut two squares of fabric the same size, mine are 4" x 4" here. Arrange so that both layers of fabric are facing upward. 


Cut two diagonal cuts through both layers of fabric. 

 Sew the outside triangle of one fabric to the inside diagonal strip of another.


 Sew the other side just the same. Press the block.

Here it is with the opposite fabrics. The edges will be uneven so trim down the block to you desired size.

 I'll be next week with a new wonky quilt block. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram, I'll be showing you more blocks this week. If you sew any up your self, be sure to tag me #jenniferjangles so I don't miss it.


Have a great day,


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