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Wonky Four Block - Quilt Block Fridays

 It's Quilt Block Friday, woohoo!


 This four patch block is my go to wonky block. It's super eay and is a nice addition to a quilt. 

 Start with two squares of fabric the same size. If you are aiming for a certain size of block you'll want to cut the squares 1/2" larger.

Start by stacking your squares and with your rotary cutter, cut the square in half. This cut can be down the middle, diagonal, off to the side, where ever you want it...remember it's wonky.

 Leaving the pieces on your cutting mat, cut the square in the opposite direction so you have four blocks. 

It's time to assemble, if your cutting mat is by your machine, then you are all set, if not, carefully transfer your cut pieces to the side of your sewing machine. (You want the blocks to stay in the same order.)

 Sew two opposite color blocks together for the top row and then for the bottom row.

 Press the seams and then flip the top row on top of the bottom row. Align the edges and sew.

Press all of the seams open and trim the block to the desired size you would like.

I'll be next week with a new wonky quilt block. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram, I'll be showing you more wonky this week. If you sew any up your self, be sure to tag me #jenniferjangles so I don't miss it.


Have a great day,



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