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Wonky Nine Patch - Quilt Block Fridays

 Hello and Happy Friday! I am back with another wonky block. This weeks block is similar to last weeks four patch but were adding more squares. I use this block ALOT in my wonky quilts.


With this method, you'll be making to blocks at the same time.


Start with two square blocks cut to the same size. Arrange them on top of one another. Cut in to 3 vertical rows.

 Keeping the block the way you cut it will keep the pieces organized easier for you. Arrange two blocks on your work table so that each block has two matching outer strips and a different fabric in the center.

 Sew the three pieces together and press the seams. Place the two blocks on top of each other making sure that both blocks are right sides facing up. Cut into 3 raows again.

 Arrange the blocks so the two outer rows are the same and the inner row is opposite. Sew the three rows together.


Press all of the seams open and trim the block to the desired size you would like. I'll be next week with a new wonky quilt block. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram, I'm working on a wonky block quilt this week, you'll most likely see it on Instagram or Facebook soon.  If you sew any up your self, be sure to tag me #jenniferjangles so I don't miss it.


Have a great day,




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