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Ornament Thursday

I told you and myself I would attempt to make ceramic cookie. Here they are. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out. My six year old, Fletcher wants to eat them. These aren't my usual beads but I made them in the same way I would make a ceramic bead.

Here's a quick run down of the process. I started by rolling out a slab of clay. I cut the cookies out with cutters and smoothed the edges. I also added a little ridge so they would look like they had icing on them. After drying for about a week, I fired them in the kiln. They come out a pure white color after the firing and they are ready to be decorated. I mixed a few underglazes up to make a nice cookie brown and then used bright colored underglazes for the icing. I put a matte glaze on the icing only. These were put back in the kiln for a second firing, this ones called the glaze firing. They came out looking like cookies but they needed sprinkles. What's a Christmas cookie without them? I made the sprinkles from crushed glass rods for lampworking, some crushed seed beads, and some glass frit. I carefully sprinkled them on and put them back in the kiln. This firing was a tricky one. I wanted the glass to fuse to the glaze but I didn't want the glass to melt in. So every half hour I would open the kiln and check the sprinkles. After reaching 1350 degrees the glass had stuck! I shut off the kiln and waited for them to cool completely.

Ornament Thursday has been tons of fun. There are a group of us that just can't let go of the idea. We are in the works of a monthly craft extravaganza, so stay tuned. I will keep you posted.

Here are the other great ornaments for this wonderful and last Ornament Thursday.
Happy Holidays!

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