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By JenniferJangles on 2008-01-04

Hey everyone!

Two pictures here....One where I was and one where I will be. I just returned from a great trip to the beach. It's been our family tradition to hit the beach after the holidays. The week started out with beautiful weather, we had a ball. My four year old is turning out to be a lot like me. He came home with two grocery sacks full of shells. We are going to decorate boxes with the shells, according to Birkley himself. Ah, he's going to be a crafter and a pack rat just like his mom. I'll post pictures later of our creations.

But now it's back to reality. These are all of the bisque beads I made before and during the holidays. I have a ton to glaze. This is my time of the year to build up stock. I would like to think I could keep the stock up all year, but when spring hits I get super busy and it gets harder to do. Maybe this will be the year to keep it going. My friend Dori, from Dreaming Bear Designs, sent me a great New Years quote. The quote is from Oprah and I like it a lot....

"Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right."

If your a quilter, you should check out Dori's new line of fabric she designed. It is so cool!

Have a great day!

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