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Polka Dot Fun

Good Morning! I thought today I would give another peak of my book, Ceramic Bead Jewelry. This is one of the projects you can make. It is one of my favorite pictures in the book. I love the contrast of the black and white on the green. The polka dots are stamped into the clay and then an underglaze is rubbed into the crevices. I wiped the black off everywhere else. This bead has a matte underglaze on it so it's protected but not as shiny as some of my other beads. It's a nice look.

Actually since I came up with these projects for the book, I have been using some matte glazes and am really happy with the effects. In late summer, I will have some new beads ready to go with this look. I will talk more about those later, once I can get some pictures taken.

It's back to making beads for me!
Have a great day,

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