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Less than a month....

Hey Everyone,

Sorry no picture for today. I have some on my camera but I need to download them and edited them. Can't do that today. I am glazing away. I am working very hard to get a bunch of orders out tomorrow. Thanks you to everyone for the orders and for being patient. They are on their way!

Bead and Button is just around the corner. In my house it's called Bead and Button season right now. The boys and my husband all know to watch out. I am a whirl wind bead maker right now. The boys help me string the bead sets and label things. I enlisted the Grandmas who were in town this weekend to fill class kits and bead mixes. My husband, Nik, who is a college professor is conveniently finishing up the semester this week. Good timing for me because he has a whole lot more time to spend with the boys. As you can see, it's crazy around here. Even though it's crazy. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's fun to have a big event to work towards. It's a blast once I am at the show, meeting new people seeing old friends. I love to see my faithful customers sporting their new Jangles creations. It's Fun, fun, fun! Plus this year, I am teaching and taking a workshop. It's something I have wanted to do forever, and the workshop was my Birthday gift this year. Oh, and the shopping. I can't forget the shopping. (Sigh...)

Now it's back to glazing......24 days and counting


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