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Wish Me Luck

Okay, so I am doing something really big today. Most people probably wouldn't get so worked up about this, but that's just the way I am. I am learning how to do html today. I don't think much, but my web designer is going to show me how to add beads to my website. Jenny Bublitz, of Bublitz Creative, has been my in charge of my site since I have had it. She is great. I send her pictures and she puts them up. I send her drawings and she makes my site look like my drawings. Anywho, you get it. I have a vision but can't get to where I am going without her. There are sometimes though when I would just like to be able to add a bead here or there. I am really freaked about learning this. Computers make me nervous. I get worked up. I cut and pasted my catalog for years and then I would take the cut and pasted version to a copy store and have it copied. I had people telling me, "you know it would be real easy to do this one the computer". Ha Ha, I still wouldn't take the plunge. Finally my mom bough me print shop and made me try it. She and everyone else was right. It was easy. Of course I loved Print Shop and still use it for somethings today. The only problem is that it's not compatible with anything. Therefore, I couldn't design ads or send things to printers with my Print Shop files. I did graduate to Photoshop Elements, which I had to learn also. I have figured it out over the last three years. I know there is still more I can do on that version but I would need someone to sit down with me. so I know by now all you computery people out there are probably cracking up about my apprehension, yah, you can. I know I am probably being ridiculous, but either way, wish me luck.

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