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Felt Beads

Hey there, I had some fun making felt beads this weekend. I have a stash of wool and the supplies for needle felting and I seem to get it out every few months and make a thing or two. This time I decide to make some beads. I wanted to do the technique where you make a big cane and then slice the felt with a knife when it's finished. I also wanted to make a lariat that I could embellish. I was happy with the way the cane beads came out. It was a lot of fun and I set up a little TV tray work station so I could watch some Olympics while I was felting. The lariat didn't turn out so well, but I have seen dogs toys made out of felt so I tied it up in a knot and let Otis have at it. It was hours of enjoyment, as you can see. I think next time I will make more dog toys.

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