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I am just about freaking out today. Bugs have been the problem around here. I don't really like them. I think they are super cool to look at and I actually like to make them in clay and other medias, but the real ones that can hurt you.... I don't like. At the same time, I don't like killing things. If it won't hurt a person I catch them and take them outside and let them go. But lately, we have been finding ticks on our pooch and yesterday, I found one on myself. AAAA! I have never had one stuck to me, so scary. My son, Fletcher has seen three black widows at school in the last week. The last straw I saw a palmetto bug, (a.k.a. roach) crawl across my living room today. Thankfully my dog was chasing it and he got it. Bugs were the one thing I feared about moving to Georgia, they are huge here, but because of the drought last year I think we didn't see the normal amount. EEk! I know, I gotta get over it.

This bug in the picture is my friend Joyce Fritz, her studio name is Yipes! She makes these like life bugs put of polymer clay. They are pins, aren't they super cool?

Have a great day,

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