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A New Studio, Again

Well, I think I am in the process of moving studio spaces again. Do you ever say things before thinking? I do it all of the time, sometimes the results are good other times, not so much. Today I think it is good.

As I was Bead Surfin' on Sunday, I came across Jennifer Perkins, of The Naughty Secretary Club's post. She had just moved her studio from a bedroom to a fabulous new remodeled garage studio. I thought to myself, I want one, but really who doesn't? So for some reason I told Nik, my husband we should move my studio, which is scattered throughout the basement and garage into the one big room we have in our basement. That room is the guest room/play room/ Nik's office. He, being a fast talker like me, said okay. Wait a minute, he said okay. I never ever expected that out of his mouth. We then really started talking about things and logistics and it actually makes since. It seems like it will work better than it is now. Plus, he gets to have a workshop in the garage where I now have my packing station.

It's all very exciting to me but on the other hand I don't want to move a dang thing. So I am really thinking this one through. If I am going to do it I am going ot do it up right. I am going to make it my dream studio, because ask any artist and they will tell you, that's what we want. A cool studio beats fame and fortune out any day, well at least for me it does. I'm talking big here, but, hee hee, it's going to be my dream studio on a really small budget. I can do it and like it or not you'll be hearing about it along the way. Today, it's paint colors.....I am thinking all of them shown above....seriously all of them.

Have a great day,

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