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Studio Update

It was a big work weekend at the Heynen House. It just started out as ,"honey, let's get the furniture out of my studio this weekend"....Ha Ha Ha, after that I couldn't stop. On Saturday we did get everything moved out of the new studio. Saturday night I found myself with a bottles of Dif removing the wallpaper border. I just really wanted the moose out of here. It reminds me of the deer heads, etc that hung on the walls in this room before we bought the house. I am a vegetarian/animal lover, so taxidermy is not my thing.
Here are the brown carpet, the brown walls, and the moose border, yikes, not very Jangle-y.
After I removed the border and it was only ten o' clock, I thought what the heck, why don't I rip up some carpet. I found some glue under the pad which I spent a good while scrapping up and I think I have more time to devoted to that later. But I had to go to bed.
Sunday morning, I was up early chomping at the bit to get more done. Once I start something, I can't stop, especially when it's my studio. Nik offered to help rip up the tack strip and then he helped paint. This is the primer.
So again last night, I was up painting on my first coat of yellow. It's so much brighter all ready. It need another coat of yellow, I am sure it will get done today. After that, I can't decide between painting the floor or doing all of the accent painting. I will think today while I glaze beads and I will take more pictures as progress is made.

Have a good day,

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