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It's beginning to look a lot like....

They start tomorrow! To kick off my holiday season, yes I am kicking it off this early, I've got some Christmas music playing and I am drinking a peppermint mocha. I usually reserve drinking these until the day after Thanksgiving. I like to get my first one after my early morning of shopping after Thanksgiving. But I thought what the heck, who says you can't drink them year round?

I know I am a bit crazy, but I love crazy Christmas shopping crowds, holiday baking, throwing Holiday parties, and wrapping presents. My inner Martha Stewart comes out this time of the year. I am just so happy to have a job where I can share my crazy holiday love with you. I have lots of projects planned, new beads to debut, give-aways and special things planned for the next 10 weeks and then probably more.

I need to go and put the finishing touches on my first newsletter, update the website, and drink my peppermint mocha......

Have a good one,.....oh wait!

Happy Holidays,

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