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Flashback Friday

I thought while my Ten Holiday Projects were going out weekly, I would do flashback Fridays. Every Friday I will highlight last years Holiday Projects. Hey you can never have too many ideas, right? so last years, first project....

Napkin Rings, Project Number 1

Project Instructions Instructions:
  1. To begin, grab the end of your memory wire at the tips of your round nose pliers. Turn the wire to make a loop. Trim any sharp wire ends.
  2. Estimate where the center of the memory wire. String the seed beads up to this point.
  3. Next, string the accent beads, the focal bead, and the remaining accent beads.
  4. Finish by stringing the remainder of the wire with seed beads, leaving approximately 1/2 inch of wire at the end.
  5. Create a loop just as you did in step one. Keep rolling up the wire until the beads are snug.

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