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Harvest Moon

Hey there! Did you see the moon last night. Oh it was pretty, it was the harvest moon. I took this photo on my way back from the bus stop this morning. It was huge and yes, still dark out. Not for long we change our clocks in a few weeks, then it will be sunny at the bus stop, but we have to trade that for dark at dinner time. Yuck, it gets really depressing when it's pitch black and you haven't had dinner. I am sure that's why we have so many Christmas lights. It's the only thing that's good about it getting dark so early, we have longer to enjoy them in the evenings. Aaaa! Christmas lights, I love em.

Oh and above is a cute little house and "Home Sweet Home" beads that I just added to my website. I did make a necklace with them already and now I want to make a cute little bracelet. I think it would be great for a realtor gift. I also have some other projects in mind, I need to get working on them.

I have a huge load of beads in getting to go into the kiln today, if you placed and order recently, they are going out tomorrow. Sorry about the wait...sick kids and fall break slowed me down.

Have a great day,

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