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They're off!

Yipeeee! Got those beads off to the trunk show. It was a UPS miracle yesterday. I had my box already to go and I was going to drop it off at the UPS store on my way to take my little guy to piano lessons. We got there and they were moving their store! Just down the street but it didn't matter because they were not taking packages today. And today was when the box needed to go out. We had to go to piano so I told my boys to be on the look out for the brown truck. Did you know that you can stop a driver anywhere and they will take your packages? I have been know to stalk my UPS drivers, the driver in Milwaukee, poor lady, I knew her route. I have freaked a few out they get weirded out when they are being followed. But the actual UPS store was sooo far away. Okay back to my story....We make our turn into the music school parking lot and what do you know?! A UPS truck was driving out. I waved him down and he stopped his truck in the middle of the road to take my box! Woohoo it was on it's way to Bead Haven. Thanks UPS!

You know, I always like to post a picture when I blog. Today's picture is of a really cool park we went to over the weekend. It's called Watson Mill State Park, just in case you're ever through Comer, Georgia. It was really cool. I can't wait to go back when it's warmer so we can play in the shoals. Isn't it pretty and you can still drive on the covered bridge.

Have a great day,

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