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Happy Tuesday

Hey Hey....I am in the midst of making beads, but it's my lunch break so I thought I could blog. The Jangles boss doesn't give me a whole lot of time for this so it will have to be quick. Oh ya, I am the boss too.

For some reason I have a to do list a mile long. Now of course half of it is stuff that I choose to "need to get done" and half is actually stuff I really do need to do. But so far it has been a productive day. I got my Holiday Project Five newsletter all ready to go for tomorrow. I have made beads for all of my orders and now I get to unload my kiln. Woohoo, it's the best part of my job. If you have never unloaded a kiln of your work, you just don't know what you are missing. It's like Christmas. I still top this day get excited. I think it's because I very rarely fire a kiln load without at least one new piece in it. Today there are lots of new things. The Heynen family got out the potter's wheel last weekend. We all threw pots. It was the first time the boys have ever tried. With some help they made some really great things. Fletcher made a pizza sauce bowl for dipping his bread sticks in and Birkley, showing his British roots, made a tea cup and saucer. He did however, break down in tears when he couldn't make a teapot on his first try. I have promised we will try again soon.

Beyond all the things on my to-do list the excitement around here is the tree we have in our backyard that is about to fall. It's a tall tall Georgia Pine. We just discovered that it is rotting out at the bottom. It is also right by our house but it's leaning toward the yard. Yesterday it swayed in the wind all day and it is leaning even more. So in the next few days it will crash. I have been out talking to it and patting it, like that's going to help, but still I am sad to see a big old tree like that go.

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