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New Pair of Earrings

Hey all....

These are my new favorite earrings, I just made them yesterday. I guess that's the great thing about making jewelry, I can have a new pair just about every day. These are today's, I got these links at Fusion Beads this summer at Bead and Button. They are super light and fun. I am really bummed I only bought two so I will be ordering more today. Those are my little orange beads hanging from the center. Oh and while you're there, check me out, I made the gift guide.

I am headed off to make beads at the elementary school. We are going to make beads like the Native Americans would have. It should be messy and fun all at once. We are going to make jewelry and use them in the second grade art show. Woohoo, ceramic beads in the art show! Gotta love that.

One more thing before I go...I added some new work to the Etsy shop last night. I have some new cool flower pins, earrings, bezels, and more. I am really trying to add new work everyday for the Holidays. You know they are coming up fast.

Have a great day,

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