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Side Stories, the mishaps of Jennifer at the holidays, part 2

Side Stories…Getting ready for Christmas..more resons why I am a Holiday nut

My best friend, Tarin, and I would start out getting ready for the holidays early and earlier every year when we were little. We would start in September making our paper chains that would count down the days until Christmas. We would also have sleep over’s and practice sneaking out to see what Santa had brought us on Christmas. We would have flash lights and walky talkies and would compare notes on how to do this at each others houses.

These days at my house, my boys are 5 and 7 and so far I have had to wake them up every year to see what Santa has brought them. I just don’t know where I went wrong…is it because they are boys or is it just that there mom is crazy? I remember starting at 4:00 and waking my parents up every half hour until they would finally let us get up at 6:00.

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