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Earring Project Flashback

Here's a snazzy pair of long and dangle-ly Jangle-ly earrings.

I had a project in my email newsletter today for an necklace. I couldn't resist making a pair of matching earrings. I thought I would share the project instructions with you.

Supplies Needed:
1 pair of Seaside Jangles Ceramic Hoops
2 10-12mm wooden discs
4 Montana blue 6mm Crystal bi cones
8 Ecru size 6 seed beads
4 inches 20 gauge sterling silver wire
2 silver 4 inch headpins
2 ear hooks

Tools Needed:
chain nose pliers
wire cutters

Step 1. Start by string a seed bead, a wooden disc, a crystal, and another seed bead onto one of your headpins. Make a simple wire loop just above the beads and slide it onto one end of the ceramic hoop before closing it. Trim the excess wire.

Step 2. Make another small simple wire loop with your silver wire, slide it onto the remaining loop on the ceramic hoop and close.

Step 3. Next, string a seed bead, a crystal, and another seed bead onto the wire. Just above those beads make a simple wire loop. Trim the excess wire. Attach the ear wire to the loop you just made. Congratulations, you have an earring.

Step 4. Because you don't want to walk around lop-sided you'll need to make another earring. Follow steps1-3 to do that.

Enjoy your project,

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