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Springy Necklace Flashback

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that this week everything has bloomed here. I know you are all sick of hearing about how my spring has arrived. But if you have allergies, like all of the Heynen family does, it's not all rosey. Along with all of the beautiful blooms comes a coating of yellow pollen. Yes it's so thick you can see it. By April, if you park your car outside, you have to wash the windows to see through them. Something I learned about when I moved to Athens, the countries worst region for allergies, is the pollen count. I have seen mention of this on the weather channel but never really paid attention to it. This count tells you how much pollen is in the air, duh. An example of a moderate pollen count is somewhere between 30-60. Today in Athens ours is 191, which is in the extremely high range. Last year at the end of March, our pollen count was 5768! Yes I typed that right 5768. What the heck? Okay, probably more than you ever needed to know about the pollen count.

Above is a necklace I made that is very springy and has no pollen.
Have a great day!

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