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My Holiday Break

Seagull Footprints

Hey Hey, It's good to be back! I can say that because I had a really nice break. I had a nice visit with our families, a camping trip to Florida to enjoy some warm weather, and I got to paint my living room! Now I am itching to get back at it. Hope everyone out there got to have a bit of a break too. Of course when you take a break or at least when I take a break....It gives me time to think about all the new things I want to do. I have a list a mile ling of things to do. I have some new bead and jewelry ideas bouncing around in my head, plus there taxes to be done, orders to ship, and on and on. I feel a big list coming on. I love to make lists and check things off. Jangles has a board meeting once a month. I go to the local coffee shop and sit and make lists. List of what I need to do, want to do. and lists of goals. I get better thinking in when my computer isn't near to drag me in to working. Yes, Jangles, 9which is just me), has board meetings, I also have a Christmas party. Hey! who says you can't?

So my post may be a bit scattered brained today but that's because I am too. I will be back with better things to say later....Just wanted to say hello for now.

Have a great Day and a Happy New Year!

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