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What's on Tap?

Morning y'all

Check out my new beads! Gosh I love bead shows, they are so much fun. I went to a wholesale show in Asheville on Tuesday. If you haven't been to Asheville, you should. I love that town. I had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Salsa's and then had to get chocolates at The Chocolate Fetish, so yummy. It was rainy or I would have done more shopping, they have great stores.

I am getting ready for the Buyers Market. If you don't know much about it. It's a wholesale only craft market. Shops and galleries come from all over the country to place orders for their stores. I have been doing the show for six years now selling my line of jewelry. Well it's next month and I always like to have a few new designs for the show. I also have to get them photographed and into a catalog. It's a lot of work to get ready for this show but it's a lot of fun once I am there.

It's also tax time. I try my hardest to get my taxes done in January. Spring is when things really start getting busy around the Jangles studio and I don't work well under pressure. Therefore, I have to get my taxes done early. I started sorting recipts yesterday. I swore I was going to clean my studio but I think it might be even messier now with all of the paper piles.

I really like this time of year. I like to look back over what I have accomplished and what I am looking forward to achieving in the next year. I am such a planner, I can't help myself.

What are you working on for the new year? Got any good goals in mind?

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