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My Birthday Gift

Hey Hey,
First of all here is what I painted yesterday in my folk art class. We did pet portraits. It's Otis, I had to put a tennis ball in the painting because that is his passion in life. We had to ban balls from the house because he loves to fetch so much. It's painted on a cabinet door and I put glass bobbles, washers, and bottle caps around the edges for fun. I am having so much fun.

I am also super excited because I ordered my birthday gift yesterday. I ordered a bunch of tools to set up a mini metalsmithing station inn my studio. I got some cutters, a dapping block, a center punch, a tube cutter, a torch, and some more. Actually I can't remember everything I bought. Once I get it I will take a photo of my setup. I got a great little wooden table which I am going to convert into a workbench. I would have loved to have bought a workbench but then I would have been able to buy any tools. I can't wait to get it and get started. I have lots of ideas in my head for mixed media beads and of course I want to get started on them now.

Have a great day....Jennifer

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