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Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson

Materials: 2 Jangles beads (butterfly and lady bug); 5g (or so…) of delicas in 5 colors (DB-0920-bright blue lined crystal, DB-0780-transparent semi-matte raspberry pink, DB-0855-matte transparent orange AB, DB-0145-silver lined yellow, DB-0776-semi matte emerald green), 4mm Swarovski crystals (8 in colors to match delicas…only used on toggle and when adding butterfly bead to bracelet)

When I saw the blog post about the contest, I thought I would give it a shot…So, I came home and pulled out my Jangles beads to see what came to me…When I saw the ladybug and butterfly, I thought I would do a bracelet with a spring garden kind of feel…So, I pulled out my markers and graph paper and created the pattern for the base of the bracelet – somewhere for the butterfly and ladybug to hang out. When I saw the picture of the peyote base, I really like the look of the “field of flowers” that I came up with…Then, I made a couple of beaded flowers (thanks to my Diane Fitzgerald book…) and created a “close-up” of the butterfly amongst two of the flowers…I really wanted to include the ladybug as well, and, somewhere along the way, got the idea to incorporate it into the toggle for the bracelet. When it’s closed, you get the feel of a pretty bug landing in the field of flowers, regardless of whether or not you look at it from the front or the back.

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