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Susan McClelland

I really love Jennifer's work and I am very happy to show off a
necklace I made with a pendant and 2 containers of glass beads that came
with it. I try hard to tell from the picture but I made the bail for the
pendant by wrapping sliver wire several times into a loop and then twisting
it together into a free form design. I made the necklace as a Christmas
present for my friend Shelley who is a very vibrant & active person - she
likes bright colours and I wanted to make her something that was
distinctive and would express her personality. Having the beads helped,
but I spent a fair amount of time working out an arrangement that worked.
I am relatively new to beading (less that 3 years) and have a busy life
that doesn't leave as much time for beading as I would like - I have tended
to make bracelets (because they are my favourite type of jewelry and easy)
and match the beads up. So working with your pendant and the beads gave me
a chance to work outside my comfort zone in terms of the piece and the
stones - no so much matchy-matchy as harmonizing the overall design.

I had a lot of fun and my friend Shelley really likes her necklace.

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