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Beads, Beads, Beads

Whew... I have been making beads non stop for three days now. Only three weeks left until Bead and Button, so this is a major production time for me. You see every year I swear that this is the year I will do it different. I will start early making my stock and I will have plenty of beads for the show. Well this year is no different from the past, I am working at full speed to get beads made. But I have to say, I am super excited about some new stuff that is coming out of my head right now. I have all kinds of new ideas and the result if that will be at the show. I also, got my new sheet of stamps yesterday! Oh I love some of those too. EEk! I wish I could show you my beads but there's nothing completely finished yet. Next week is glaze week so hopefully by the end of it I can give you some sneak peeks.

Okay I am off to make my large cup of coffee and hunker down to make some more beads today......everyone have a good one, Jennifer

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