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Finally, I am back!

Whew! We took a detour through Indiana on the way home from Bead and Button. We stopped and stayed with family and took a few days to relax. It was lots of fun but now I am so happy to be home and back to normal. Well as normal as things can be. My boys are at day camp and I am back in the studio. It feels good. It is a mess and needs some TLC after all the rushing around before I left for Bead and Button.

As for Bead and Button, it was great. I was there for nine days. I taught five c;lasses and then had a booth at the show. I was busy, but I had a ball teaching and plan to do more next year. Before I left, I was talking about changing my booth from black to white. Here are a few photos of the tables. I was really happy with the white. I think it makes the beads stand out more.

While at the show, I didn't get a couple of "complaints" from my blog readers about not blogging as much. Now that the show is over, I am back to blogging on a regular basis, so you can start checking in everyday to get your Jangles fix.

Have a great day!

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