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Free Project-Three Ring Necklace

Three Ring Instructions

The Rings in this necklace have denim blues, avacado, a cobblestone brown, and a chocolate brown. I can see this necklace worn woth blue jeans or a brown work suit.

  1. Start by crimping one end of the beading wire to one of the loops on the ceramic pendant. Onto the wire add two seed beads, a crystal, a seed bead, and a wooden disc. Next add another seed bead, a crystal, and two seed beads. Crimp this to one of the wire loops on one of the hoop beads. Trim the excess wire.
  2. Crimp the beading wire to the remaining loop on the hoop.
  3. Start by stringing ten seed beads, a crystal, a seed bead, a wood disc, a seed beads, a crystal. Repeat this sequence two more times.
  4. Next string 5 seed beads and a crystal. String another ten seed beads and then slide on a crimp bead. After the crimp add another 17 seed beads, slide the end of the beading wire back through the crimp and pull snug. This should create a loop. Before crimping the bead, test to see if the loop sis big enough for the wooden disc to pass through. If it is go ahead and crimp the bead.
  5. Now that you have one side of your necklace complete, it is time to start the second half. Repeat steps 1-3 to start the second side.
  6. Once you have those steps finished, finish the necklace by stringing 5 seed beads, a crystal, and another ten seed beads. Follow those seed beads with a wood bead, a crimp, and another seed bead. Bring the beading wire back through the crimp and pull snug. The last seed bead should hold the wood bead in place. Trim the excess wire.

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