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Free Project-Flower Pendant


Instructions: Before stringing the necklace, you will need to make the pendant. Assembling the pendant:
    1. Take your piece of silver wire and make a simple wire loop at one end. Before closing off the loop string on the leaf charm.
    2. String 12 green seed beads onto the wire alternating colors.
    3. Next slide on a silver ball, the large flower, and another silver ball.
    4. Just above the top of the last silver ball make another simple wire loop. This one can be small, because it just needs to slide onto the beading wire.
    5. Trim the excess wire. You are ready to assemble the necklace.
Stringing Instructions:
  • Start by crimping one end of the 24" of beading wire to the silver clasp.
  • String 20 seed beads, alternating colors. Add a Czech bead and continue with ten more seed beads.
  • String a silver ball, a small flower, and another silver ball onto the wire. Continue by stringing ten seed beads, a Czech bead, and ten more seed beads.
  • Next, string a silver ball, a leaf bead, a second silver ball and ten more seed beads. Now you have half of the necklace strung.
  • String on the pendant that you made and continue with the second half of the necklace.
  • To finish, crimp the second half of the silver wire to the end of the wire. Trim the excess wire.
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