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New Stuff all Around

Good evening...

I haven't been getting around to posting in the mornings like I usually do, but better late than never. So I finally sucked it up and bought Photoshop. I have needed it for about ten years now but I never wanted to pay the big price tag. I finally got it last week and I have to say I am addicted. It's hard to learn all of the steps and options but oh it's fun. I made a new banner for my blog above and a banner for mt Etsy shop.

The big disc at the top of this post is also new too. I just added it to my website. I just had a project in Creative Jewelry with one of these discs used as a pendant. They will also be featured in a project in another publication next month...but more of that later. Anywho I love working with them. I have done a bunch of crafty projects and sewing projects with them too. As soon as I can get things photographed I will get my projects up here on the blog.

Also as we are speaking of new things, I just added these super cute links to my Etsy store. I made some earrings with them that I have been wearing ever since, once again no photo until later, sorry. This is the problem with posting in the evenings, it's too dark to take pictures. But I will get them up soon. I am liking these links so much, I am thinking of adding them to the website too. I can think of so many possibilities for them.

That's it for this evenings post, I have to get back to watching Wipeout with my boys. It's our favorite show....


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