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Pumpkins and Markers

Hey Hey,

I bought the cutest little pumpkins and gourds the other day at the farmers market. There's one of the pumpkins in the picture above. I need to take some more photographs with my gourds. The Halloween necklace went out in my monthly newsletter yesterday. You can always sign up here if you didn't get it.

Not much exciting has been going on in the Jangles studio this week to tell you about. I have been working hard and getting lot's of things checked off my list. I started the week with a huge to-do list and I am whittling it down day by day. That's exciting for me, but it doesn't give me a whole lot to write about. But I will tell you about what I bought this week....

I am a sucker for art supplies and I can justify any purchase to myself. I always "need" the right tools. You know how that goes....well I decided that I absolutely needed a set of Copic markers. I have been doing some drawings lately with sharpies and I like them but the colors are limited. I started doing some research and came across Copic. At the same time I happened to be reading "Where Women Create", (love that mag!) anyway, Mary Engelbreit said she loved her Copics. Well, there you go....I was sold. So I sucked it up and bought them. They are expensive, but once again they are for art. I drew out my name in my new fancy markers and decided that would be my new signature on my blog. What do you think? Maybe at the holidays I will change it up and make it Christmas-sy.

Have a great day,

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