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Rain and Pendants

Hey Hey,

It keeps raining here... it's been raining for a week now and is supposed to continue until mid-week. It's quite crazy. I think we have gotten at least seven inches. Anyway, we were all stuck inside this weekend, so I did quite a bit of crafting. I made some pendants for Holiday sales and worked on a quilt. The pendants are above.

I got an e-mail from a customer who made a super cool bag and used one of my pendants as a closure. It's knitted and felted and if that's your "thing", you should check it out here. I love the bumps on the bag. I wish I could knit....ah...maybe someday.

Alrighty, it's Monday and that means a big to-do list is about to be made....I will have more to blog about tomorrow.

Have a great day,

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