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Holiday Beads

Good morning...
I woke up in a really Christmas-sy mood this morning. I am not sure what did this to me, but maybe it was all the photographing of Holiday beads that I did yesterday. Anyway, I am feeling the Holiday's now. I even put peppermint in my mocha this morning. I am ready to decorate and play the music, but I have to dig it all out and so that will have to wait until Halloween is over. But I am excited it's coming soon.

I added a whole bunch of new beads to the Etsy shop last night and this morning. I still need to take more photographs today and then I will be adding more listings, probably tonight. It's not just Christmas beads, there's found object mixes, pendants, etc. I know the holiday mood might not have hit you yet..... but hang around this blog and it will sooner or later, I promise.

Have a great day,

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