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How did it get to be Wednesday? This week is flying by for me. My newsletter is just about to go out and I feel like I was just sending one out a few days ago.

Speaking of newsletters. I just found 50 newsletter submission requests in my spam file! I want to apologize to those people for not getting all of the newsletters. I added you to my list today and you will get a letter today. It's funny because I get the requests in my inbox also, so I guess my computer was messing with me. Now I know to check my spam for them so it shouldn't happen again.
Isn't my fabric pretty? I am super excited to be taking a Kaffe Fassett workshop tomorrow. He's a well know knitter/quilter that lives in London. He's in the states for a few weeks doing workshops and he just happened to be coming to my town. I had to sign up. I have made several Kaffe Fassett quilts over the years so I am super excited to meet him. He loves color and that is mostly what he will be talking about. Yippee, just like me. We are making a quilt and we had to choose three different color ways for it. Of course, I chose red, lime green, and turquoise. I will show you when it's finished.
Happy Birthday Otis! He's two years time flies. I got him a tube of tennis balls for his birthday. That's his favorite toy.

Alrighty, I am out to the studio to make some beads. Everyone have a great day!

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