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I didn't blog yesterday because I was cleaning. Over the past month my studio has become a bit of a disaster. I was having to step over things to get around. I couldn't take it any more. This clean spurt I am going through also coincides with Halloween being over. I am not a huge fan of the holiday, if I had my way we would skip right over it and move to Christmas, but I realize I have to deal with it. I think yesterday was kind of the kick off to the holidays. Can't really say it was a kick off, it was more of a oh @%* in four weeks my tree will be up and I should be shopping, and making, and planning. With any of those moments, I usually have to have a good cleaning and list making session to prevent me from going crazy. That's what I did yesterday and will most likely be doing today, and maybe even tomorrow.

Anybody else out there coming to the realization that the holidays are coming?

Have a good day,

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