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Why I like Christmas so Much

As you all know by now, I love Christmas. I thought I would list some reasons why...

1. I love the lights, I would have my yard done up in them all year round if possible.
2. I love all the bright colors, the glitter, the patterns on the wrapping paper, the shiny balls, I could go on and on.
3. I like to wrap presents.
4. I like to shop, even at 5:00 the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I was out there, I wouldn't miss it for anything. I have gone with nothing to buy.
5. I like my family and friends so parties with all of them are fun.
6. I like to bake and this time of the year I have a good excuse to do it.
7. I love the hustle and bustle. Being crazy busy is fun when it's not all year round. Seriously, the long lines at the grocery store and Target make me happy.
8. People are friendlier this time of year.

What about you, what do you like about Christmas?

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