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New Year, New Plans

Hi! I am back! Just got the boys on the school bus for the first time in over three weeks. That's a super long vacation, but it still seems to have gone by really fast. Hope you all had wonderful holidays and breaks for those of you lucky enough to have them. We got to go to Florida for a few days for a camping trip. As you probably know, I love the beach so any chance I get to go I take it. This trip was to Anastasia Island, it's pretty far north in Florida so we were chilly. Here are some beach photos.

I am so excited to be back to work. I have been making my lists and planning my days out for the year. I have some really exciting things happening in 2010. For the most part, I still have to keep them under wraps but in the next month or so I will be able to spill the beans....stay tuned.

But in the's that time of the year again to be cleaning and organizing. I spent a few days last week going through the studio sorting beads mostly. They never stay in their place. I am gathering one of a kinds for my annual clearance sale. I still can't tell you when that will be, because I don't know. It will be when I get everything photographed and listed on Etsy. I would like to think maybe next week, I will keep you informed. Right now I have quite a big pile of beads to photograph.

As soon as the clearance sale is over, then I will be spiffing up the shops and blog. You know I am not one to keep the same look for long. I have been working on some new graphics and they will be up soon. I can't wait to unveil them, so that is giving motivation to get this clearance sale going.

I also have the Buyers Market of American Craft next month in Philadelphia. I will be posting about getting a wholesale line of jewelry together and what it takes to do the show. I am thinking about taking you through the process like the retail show I did in the fall. I can't believe it's so soon!
Wow! anybody else tackling some new projects this year? I would love to hear what your working on. Anything else you want to see on the blog or from Jangles this year? Let me know.
Have a great day,

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