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Set Backs, Note Books, and Sewing

Hey Y'all
Thought I would show you a few of my Christmas gifts.

Actually, the notebooks weren't my gifts, I made them. I got a Bind It All for Christmas. It's a super cool, binding machine to make your own spiral bound notebooks, scrapbooks, whatever. I always carry a notebook with me and I spend time and money getting the perfect one when I fill up my current book. I love that now I can make my own. I found these old Golden Books at the thrift store and they became the front and back of a few. I used chipboard to make the cover of the flowered one. I used a tag for the vase, a few of my embellishments, and glitter and flocking. I even made colored section dividers in this one. Now I am thinking about all of my possibilities. I want notebooks with pockets and dividers and more. Birkley has put me to work printing and binding calendars for him to draw on and I had to make some notebooks with Pokemon cards as covers. Now everything I see, I think could that be a notebook cover? I was eyeballing some of Nik's new record collection last night....those would make good covers.
My other Christmas gift was an iron, a fancy one for sewing. My old iron I have had since we were married, it didn't get very hot and it made the lights flicker. It was time for a new one, so with some money I received as a gift I went out a bought a fancy, pointy nosed craft and sewing iron. I got my new iron and decided to cave out a corner of my studio as a sewing area. It's not too fancy, but it's nice to have my machine out. Check out all my colors of thread, lots of lime green on the rack.
With my new iron and sewing area, I got to work on my quilt from my workshop that was so long ago. I got everything pieced together. This quilt is supposed to have some more pieced squares for the borders, but I wanted to do something different so I have order some cool polka dots. As soon as they arrive, I will give you a peek at them and continue to show you the progress.
Now for the set back part of my e-mail...I took 150 pictures yesterday for my clearance sale. It was 20 degrees out when I was photographing. I was in my Wisconsin winter coat and hat. I took all of them on the wrong setting. They turned out to be too small so that when they show up on Etsy they are blurry! EEEErrrrrrg. I am so mad. I guess it is back out side to the freezing cold to take them all again. I am grumpy about this.

I hope you have a great day and once I get these pictures taken again, I am sure I will feel better too.

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