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Everything is Broken

Everything is broken around here. Why is it that it always happens all at once? I told you about my leaking wall, it is still leaking. I am living with it, but then my computer crashed! It's less than a year old and it has always crashed and I spend a couple of hours on the phone and we get it fixed. Guess what? Not this time, broken until at least Tuesday night when my new software arrives and can be installed. I also have the Geek Squad booked for Saturday just in case the software doesn't do the trick. I am not taking any chances here. Okay it gets espresso machine is a gone-er. I have a mocha every morning to wake me up, not today. It broke and then I took it apart to try to fix it and now it is even more broke.

I could keep going on because there are at least four other costly repairs to be done here, but I will spare you having to read about them all. It's the coffee and the computer that are the real problems. I am typing on my 1990's computer that we have set up for the boys. That means I do have Internet so I can communicate. Orders will be going out this week with hand written invoices, and a trip to the post office for stamps.

Being the eternal optimist that I am,I see my lack of a computer as an opportunity. I plan on taking my usual computer time and finishing up my jewelry for the Buyers Market and catching up on orders and other non computer things. Around the house this weekend we cleaned like crazy and did some home improvements that we could handle so we didn't become haters of our house. There are much bigger problems out there and I am lucky to not have to deal with them. If I disappear from the Internet world for a few days, I just wanted you to know why....

I am off to the coffee shop for my mocha, and then to the post office for stamps,

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