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Water, Water Everywhere

Happy Monday to you! As usual there is a lot going on in the Jangles Studio. Technically it's going on outside of the Jangles Srudio. Why? Because the walls are still leaking! Yes, two weeks later and my basement studio still has a trickling stream. It rained Friday night and a few more popped up. It was the last straw, Nik and I cleared the place out on Saturday because I had water leaking in on three of the four walls. I had the water company out just to make sure there wasn't a leak. He told me we broke a hundred year record with rainfall this year and so if my basement was ever going to leak it was now. No worries, we have a solution! My dad is flying, yes flying in, today to spend the week here helping us seal up the basement, dig drainage ditches, and do whatever it takes to seal this baby up. Nik and I are clueless on what to do. Thanks dad!

Next week I head off to the Buyers Market. I was completely on track to have my jewelry made, catalogs printed, and display packed. You know how that goes...above you can see some memory wire bracelets I will have at Market.

Okay everyone, have a great day....

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