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Craft Night

Hey Hey...Last night was Girl's night at my house. We decided to do some painting. I gathered up all my paints and brushes and we went to work. It was loads of fun and everyone is ready to come back for more. Nik snapped this photo when we were getting started and then we got so into talking and painting, I completely forgot to take more pictures. I guess I will have to try harder next time. But above is my painting from last night, still working on it I think. I might have to glue some stuff to it, but I am still thinking.

Birkley, my little crafter couldn't stand the thought of us painting without him so I let him do a little pre party painting. He painted a tree and a letter. He is coming home from school today ready to paint more, he's a die hard crafter like his momma.

Everybody have a good day! I'll be back soon,

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