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A New Quilt

Hey, Hey,

I mentioned that I started another quilt this past week. I snapped a photo the other day of my cut pieces. I think the cutting is my favorite part because I have to decide which colors to use. You all know I love color. Here's what I have so far, believe it or not this is going to be a more muted quilt....ha ha I know for some of you it will still be crazy bright.

I have a goal of making four quilts, my hubby had the brilliant idea of making a cool quilt rack for the living room. It's going to be all folk art-y( is that a word?) We want it to hold four quilts then we can all choose which quilt we want to use and they will be displayed like a piece of art. I have a long way to go since I only have one quilt made. Of course, I will keep you posted on my progress.

Have a great day,

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