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New Beads!

Flower Vine

Good Morning!

I woke up again Saturday morning and had new beads in my head . I hope this is a trend that continues. Here are a few of the new things, you can see them all here at the website. I will have something made up for tomorrow with these new components. I have lots of ideas but need to find the time, you know how that goes.

I have a big week coming up and I am trying to prepare for it now. My studio is continuing to leak but we have found the man to fix our problem! Wahoo! Jangles will be dry soon. But to get to a drier state, I have to move everything out of my studio. Yep...everything. They will be jackhammering a drainage ditch and more. It's going to be messy and take at least a week. I am in the planning stages of where everything is going to go into the house, what I will be working on, etc. I am trying to come up with work stations around the house. I am a planner, it's genetic(thanks mom), so I am probably overly obsessing. I hate to loose things and I know this move will loose things. I have already lost my notebook this morning and I need it to plan. What a mess!

Any who...the good news is this. I have to paint the floor and walls again in parts, this is giving me the opportunity to change things if I would like. So I am dreaming up new layouts and colors. I am planning(there I go again) to take it slow moving things back in so I can get it just the way I want it. I really don't ever want to move things again.

Disco Hoop
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By the way, don't forget there is free shipping all month at the Jangles website.

Everybody have a good day!

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