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Makeshift Studio

Good Morning! The jack hammering is over and the cement is drying, I am getting one step closer to getting back into my studio. As of right now it looks like everything will be finished by Monday afternoon. The walls are a mess, so any hope of just painting the bottom is gone. There are marks from the jack hammer and splattered dirt, etc. Thank you for the color suggestions I am still deciding.

Here is my make shift jewelry studio. I put together jewelry all day yesterday. Seriously, I think I went up and down the stairs fifty times to get things. The table still looks like this today because I just have a few more orders to get assembled.

In the middle of the table are Birk's new pet frogs, Spring and Dupree. Before you ask, I have no idea where the names came from. I spent the day with them and broke up what I thought was a really bad fight. Nik informed me later, they were probably mating. Oops

Here's a shot of a bunch of my beaded necklaces that I put together. They are some of my hardest to put together because it's all random beads with my ceramic beads mixed in. Making things look not put together is really hard! I usually try to do a bunch of these at once so I don't strain my brain.
I am trying to spare you with all of the dirty basement photos, but here's just one. I am feeling better now but watching them tear up the concrete in my once beautiful studio was hard.

Everyone have a good day to day!

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