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Good Morning y'all...Check this out.

I am trying my best to have stock made up for my web orders. Over the last ten years of making beads I have attempted to become organized with my stock. About six years ago I remember getting ten of each style of my large beads made for my site. I got busy after that and couldn't continue. I have never attempted it again, until now. I seem to be a bit smarter now about things, I have done some things that I keep saying to myself, "Jennifer why didn't you do this years ago?" First of all I printed out everything on my website twice. The first copy I hung in my glaze studio that way when I get an order for an FBB-1, I know that is a red and yellow link and I don't have to go looking it up on my computer. Duh, should have done that years ago. With my second set of print outs I cut them up and put each picture in it's own compartment in a tray. Now I can see what I have and if I don't have it, I at least have a picture of it. The pictures below looks like I have a ton of stock, it's just that I do have my pairs and links made. There are other sections that are totally empty. But I am working on that.

Now I do have to say in my defense, a few years ago I wouldn't have been able to stay so organized because I would have been packing it up to take to shows every weekend. Now that I only take my beads to the Bead and Button Show every year, I am able to track my stock better. Woohoo! I get real happy when I figure out how to do something better.

Today is the last day for free shipping at the Jangles website!
Have a great day,

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