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Number 12

Check this out! I can't believe it...seriously this is still sinking in. I would never have imagined that I would be ranked number 12 on Wikio's top 20 jewelry making blogs. They are posting the new category today but they asked Margot Potter to break the news so it's on her website right now. I know I have some folks out there reading my blog.....but wow.... number 12. I owe all my reader's out there a big thanks.

And since we are talking jewelry making today, I thought I would post these photos of a necklace I made using my flower links. I linked them together with jump rings and added some beads and chain. It's a fun one to wear.
I also have a new coupon accepting thing (module is the official term) on my website. I want to try it out. Starting today I am offering free shipping on all website orders. When you checking out just type FREESHIP into the coupon box. This offer runs through May 8th, which is Saturday.
Have a great day,

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