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Strawberries and Stuff

Look what Birk and I picked in the garden last night. They were yummy for dinner. They were so red and perfect sized that for a bit I was thinking I was going to try to cover one in pmc, could you do that? It might be too big and seriously I don't have the time.

Why don't I have the time? Bead and Button is in 4 weeks! I am getting my wish list together today. My wish list is the huge list of things I wish I could have finished for the show. In the end it doesn't all get done that's where the wish comes into the name.

I have my new stamps and I am experimenting with glazes and this weekend I am going to a wholesale bead show to find the perfect beads to go with my new pendants. I am hoping that next week there will be all sorts of new things in the Etsy shop. I realize it's been neglected. Also, along that lines, I have hired my first ever employee! Katie is her name and I will introduce you later. Katie will be helping me with shipping, listing Etsy items, and more. I can't wait, she starts next week.

Alrighty, I am off to glaze....

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